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The Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Bill 2000 recognises that people are very protective of their personal details and places strict limits on how such information is collected and handled by private sector organisations.

Any recorded information which can identify a person and which may or may not be sensitive, e.g. ethnic background, medical history, is subject to the legislation. SOS Safety Signs is a non government business related to the manufacture of signage. In order to carry out its work and to provide assurances of quality,  SOS Safety Signs needs to maintain databases containing personal, and in strictly limited areas, sensitive information. To ensure compliance with legislation, effective from 21 December 2001 the following principles will apply to all databases containing personal / sensitive information held by any member of staff or volunteer in relation to any program or activity.


Collection of Information

Personal information is only collected as necessary for agreed SOS Safety Signs programs or activities. Personal information about an individual is, where possible, collected from that individual.

Individuals about whom personal information is collected are made aware of:

  • SOS Safety Signs and its contact details
  • the fact that they can access the information
  • the primary purpose for which the information is collected
  • any possible secondary purpose such as evaluation and quality assurance

Use and Disclosure of Information

Personal information about an individual is not used or disclosed for a secondary purpose unless:

  • the purpose is closely related to the primary purpose and the individual would reasonably expect the information to be used in this way, or
  • the information is health information and its use is necessary for research or statistical analysis relevant to public health, or
  • the individual has consented. (Note: Legal obligations to disclose personal information may override the provisions of this privacy legislation).

Quality of Information

Reasonable steps are taken to ensure that all personal information collected and used is accurate, complete and up to date.

Security of Information

Reasonable steps are taken to protect personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised use, modification or disclosure. Information is destroyed or permanently de-identified when it is no longer needed for any purpose for which it was collected.

Openness of Information

This policy document is available to anyone who asks for it. Reasonable steps are taken to let any person, on request, know generally what sort of personal information is held, for what purpose, how it is collected, stored and used.

Accessibility of Information

Information held about an individual is accessible at no charge to that individual on request (except where the request is frivolous or vexatious), and reasonable steps taken to ensure the information is accurate and up to date.


Identifiers used will be unique to this organisation.


Individuals have the option of not identifying themselves when dealing with SOS Safety Signs.

Sensitive Information

Sensitive information about an individual is not collected without that individual's consent, or the information is collected in the course of SOS Safety Signs activities where the individual is in regular contact in relation to those activities and the individual understands that the information will not be disclosed without consent.


Personal / sensitive information is collected and recorded on confidential databases in support of agreed SOS Safety Signs programs and activities. Staff and volunteers who have access to the information in the course of their duties, respect its confidentiality and do not disclose it to any third party.

Breaches of confidentiality attract severe penalties.